Reporting to School Governors

Reporting to School Governors

The following are extracts from Ofsted – The framework for school inspection, September 2012

‘When evaluating the achievement of pupils, inspectors will consider how well…gaps are narrowing between the performance of different groups of pupils, both in the school and in comparison to those of all pupils nationally.’

‘Inspectors will also evaluate how effectively governors, or those with a similar responsibility, challenge and hold senior leaders to account for all aspects of the school’s performance.’

‘Inspectors will evaluate evidence relating to the achievement of specific groups of pupils and individuals.’

The production and presentation of an annual report to the governing body on the progress of looked after child(ren) within school is considered best practice, and should be promoted by the designated teacher.  DfE guidance ‘Supporting Looked After Learners’ states that schools should seriously consider having a nominated governor and a separate policy for children in care. 

To assist with this, the Virtual School has designed two templates, using the best examples we could find – some from Surrey schools themselves.  The first is designed to be used by schools that do not have any children in care during an academic year and offers a check on school policies.  The second is a more complete report, looking at all aspects of the school in working with children in care, as well as the individual progress being made by these pupils in comparison to their peers.

Reporting to Governors - no children in care at the school

Reporting to Governors - children in care attending the school