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School Governors

About Children in Care

At any one time, around 60,000 children are in care - in Surrey we have just over 800 children in care and around 500 of these will be of statutory school age.  Nationally, two-thirds live in foster care and one in 10 in children’s homes, with one in four children living outside their ‘home’ authority.  Currently, for those in care to Surrey, just over two-thirds live in foster care, including those living with extended family and one in 8 in children's homes, with around 40% living outside of Surrey.

Most children – 80% - enter care because of abuse or neglect, or for family reasons.  Less than 10% enter care because of their own behaviour. Surrey figures show a similar percentage entering care for abuse, neglect or family reasons, with just over 1% entering care because of their own behaviour.

Every 22 minutes in the UK a child comes into care and needs a foster family, and 30% of homeless people are ex-care leavers.  Half of all inmates of Young Offender Institutes have been in care, as have 25% of all adult prisoners.  Care leavers are also over represented as teenage parents.

All these children have suffered separation from their families and have experienced significant loss in their lives.  Many of these children experience multiple moves both before and during their time in care.