EPAC - Education Plans for Adopted Children

EPAC - Education Plans for Adopted Children

The majority of children and young people adopted today suffered trauma in their birth families and became 'looked after children' before their final move to their adoptive families. Schools need to be aware that adopted children continue to have the same or similar needs as they had when they were 'looked after'. Often these needs have been exacerbated by the further, albeit final, move to adoption.

The Education Plan for Adopted Children (EPAC) is a document whose main function is to raise awareness and ensure that relevant information is available to those who need to know and that effective communication routes are established. The EPAC is not intended to replace Individual Education Plans or Pastoral Support Programmes.

EPACs are voluntary and can be initiated by either school or parents and the process will establish an ongoing review process. It is intended the EPAC process is initiated when:

a) A school age child becomes adopted eg. once an Adoption Order is in place

b) An adopted child starts at a new school.

The meeting should be chaired by an appropriate member of school staff who has knowledge of the pupil. Parents may choose to invite other appropriate professionals such as an Adoption Support Worker to the meeting. The form may be useful in determining areas of pupil need both in and out of school. An EPAC can only be initiated when parents choose to identify their children as adopted.