Personal Education Plans (PEPS)

Personal Education Plans

A Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a document held by schools and colleges which relates to a particular child and sets out their educational targets for attainment and achievement, and recommendations for how this will be done.  Children in Care have the right to expect the outcomes we want for every child.  Local authorities have a duty to promote the educational achievement of children in care under section 52 of the Children Act 2004 and must ensure all children in care from age three upwards have an effective, robust and up-to-date PEP.  As a local authority we have extended this to include our two year olds.  Social workers must liaise directly with schools and all other relevant parties to arrange PEP meetings on a termly basis.

Schools are also accountable for ensuring all children in their care have an up-to-date PEP in place, which is reviewed on a termly basis and will be asked about these at the time of any inspection. 

All of Surrey's Personal Education Plans are now electronic and available via a secure web Portal, known as ePEPs - the previous SIM versions are no longer available.  The ePEPs will remain Key Stage specific based on the age and national curriculum year of the individual from Early Years through to Post-16 and are required to be reviewed on a termly basis. Our PEP also includes a section to represent the Pupil's Voice (differentiated by Key Stage) - please ensure the relevant young person receives an opportunity to complete prior to their PEP meeting.  For more details about ePEPs and how to Register for access to the secure web Portal please click on Electronic PEP Process box opposite.

We also provide a copy of a PEP designed for use with children who have been adopted - see EPAC (Education Plans for Adopted Children) opposite - for adoptive parents who may wish to request regular education meetings continue on a voluntary basis with the schools their children are attending.