As of September 2018, Surrey Virtual School will be here to provide additional support, information and guidance on education for previously looked after children. This includes children who: 

  • Have been Adopted from Care
  • Are subject to a Special Guardianship Order (SGO)
  • Are subject to a Child Arrangement Order (CAO)  

Surrey Virtual School will provide advice and information to parents or carer of a previously looked after child who is educated at a Surrey school. If the child lives in Surrey but attends a school outside of the county, contact should be make with the local authority’s Virtual School in that area.

Surrey Virtual School are also able to provide direct support (for example, in a meeting with a school) if permission is given for us to do so. 

For information on Pupil Premium Plus, and a range of other useful information, please see our Previously Looked After Resource Bank.  If you have any other queries, please make contact via –