Jargon Buster

Jargon Buster

Care Leaver  :  An individual who is in care will become a care leaver on their 18th birthday.  Those who are eligible will continue to be supported by the local authority.

CiC - Child(ren) in Care :  This is a legal status for a child where the courts have confirmed the local authority should have sole, or in some cases shared parental responsibility and a direct role in monitoring, caring and funding for the time the individual remains in care.  This term is often used in conjunction with 'looked after children'.

CLA - Child Looked After :  A term shared with CiC and LAC (see below)

CiN - Child in Need : A child monitored by social care, but not 'in care' to the local authority.  These children are usually living with their parent(s) with visits and interventions from social care. 

DT - Designated Teacher for LAC  :  Every school across the country is required to appoint a fully qualified teacher to undertake the role of a designated teacher for looked after children.  This person should have received appropriate training to ensure the school is ready to receive a child in care at any time. 

FSM  :  Free School Meals

Governor for LAC :  Governing bodies have a duty to monitor the educational progress of children in care in their school.  Many schools choose to appoint an individual from their governing body to specifically focus on supporting and challenging policies and pratice around looked after children. 

LAC - Looked After Child : A term shared with 'child(ren) in care', or Child Looked After

Legal Status - the Order made by a court of which there are a number - details of all seen here.

PEP - Personal Education Plan  :  A legally required document as part of an overall Care Plan for a child in the care of a local authority. 

PP LAC - Pupil Premium LAC  :  An annual funding stream from the Department of Education, provided to Virtual School Headteachers to fund additional educational support for those children and young people who are currently in care. 

PRU  :  Pupil Referral Unit

SGO  -  Special Guardianship Order  :  This is a legal Order to give parental responsibility for a child to the person(s) named on the SGO.  Children are removed from local authority care when an SGO is granted.  

VLE :  Virtual Learning Environment