Surrey Virtual School Staffing

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Surrey Virtual School Staffing

The School has a Virtual School Lead Manager - Mark Scarborough

Surrey social care is structured to work across the four Areas of the county - North West, North East, South West and South East.  Staffing for the Virtual School follows a similar structure and has an Area Assistant Headteacher (AHT) working directly with social workers and other education staff. They are;

Sairah Shah - Assistant Headteacher for the South West
Anna MacLean - Assistant Headteacher for the South East
Diana Wilson - Assistant Headteacher for the North East (joining us at the end of January 2018)
Alison Self - Assistant Headteacher for the North West, and

Natalie Rankin - Assistant Headteacher - UASC

In addition, our staff includes;

Jennie de Bossart - Information Manager
Peter Stanbridge - Post-16 Education Lead
Lesley Cassidy - School Administrator, and
Jo Tomkings - Information Officer

Tel: 0208 541 7761
Fax: 0208 541 9502